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Our Team

The team at Powerline Automotive are committed to excellence.

As a Repco Authorised Car Service Centre we provide high quality customer service and superior workmanship, ensuring our customers receive the very best in automotive care.

Our Facilities

Our workshop is widely acknowledged as one of the best equipped and most professional independent operations in Australia.

Our Service

You won't find a better level of customer service than from the friendly team at Powerline Automotive

You can rely on us to do the little things that really make a difference.

Case Studies

We have 10 distinct advantages over our competition. These are:

  1. We are an ACCREDITED log-book repairer. This means that you can trust that the service you receive from us is on par with Australian mechanical standards.
  2. We offer a free SAFETY INSPECTION with all services.
  3. We offer a CHOICE of genuine, aftermarket or secondhand parts at your request.
  4. We offer LABOUR CHARGE CHECKS to reduce the cost to you! Getting two minor repairs completed at the same time can save a significant amount of money. For example, if you are having your timing belt replaced, then that may be an ideal time to check the water pump as the belts will be removed anyway.
  5. We offer an ITEMISED INVOICE to justify every hour spent and part replaced, while also making it far easier for you to read and understand the invoice at the end of the service.
  6. Our work is authorised after giving your WRITTEN CONSENT. This means that you will be contacted before any work that is not originally part of your estimate and quote can be completed.
  8. We offer accept CREDIT CARD and EFTPOS.
  9. We are an AIR-CONDITIONING and BRAKE specialist.
  10. Last, but not least, we are an OWNER-OPERATED workshop, which means that it is in our best interest to remain HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY to retain your business.

Our Expertise & Knowledge

Trust, Experience & Knowledge
You can rely on Powerline Automotive

As a Repco Authorised Car Service centre, we use quality parts and lubricants and employ state of the art diagnostic equipment and repair methods. What's more, our fully qualified technicians have access to the latest service information, bulletins and training through the Australia wide Repco Auto Tech program.

We provide a full range of automotive services, all backed by our Repco nationwide warranty and fully supported at over 350 Service Centres right across Australia.

So rest assured your car is in safe hands!

Auto-Tech Qualification

Why You Can Rely On Your Local Repco Authorised Service Mechanic's Qualification

Trust, Experience & Knowledge , this is what Repco Authorised Service stands for. We bring you reliable car servicing and the security of knowing that the mechanics working on your vehicle are fully trained and qualified to service your car.

Reliable car servicing with Repco Auto-Tech

Repco Auto-Tech is an advanced training and technical information service for the automotive professional.

Every Repco Authorised Service Centre and mechanic particpates in the Auto-Tech program.

Auto-Tech training clinics are held nationwide and conducted by industry experts.

Technical Information and Car Service Bulletins

To backup this ongoing training, the Auto-Tech Encyclopedia software provides each Repco mechanic with up to the minute diagnostic specifications and service procedures on all makes and models.

In addition to this cutting edge technology, your Repco Authorised Service mechanic has access to the Repco Auto-Tech Help Team, a team of professionals who can provide support on the most complex of problems.

New Car Warranty

Auto-Tech training ensures that a Repco Authorised Service mechanic is fully qualified to service all makes and models and carry out manufacturers log book servicing.

Backed by Repco, your Repco Authorised Service Centre can offer a wider range of car repair services which you can trust.

Nationwide Warranty

Repco Authorised Service is Australia's largest car service network, and with that comes the reliability of an Australia wide warranty.

With around 350 Repco Authorised Service Dealers Australia wide, there's few places around this country where you won't find one of our Dealers within easy reach.

The Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty Covers

  • Quality Repco parts and labour
  • For 12 months or 20,000 kilometres

New Car Warranty Service

Are you paying too much for Car Service?

If you are concerned about preserving your new car's statutory warranty but also want to obtain expert service at competitive rates, your local Repco Authorised Service centre can help.

New Car Franchise Dealers do not have a monopoly on "Log Book" Servicing (meaning you are free to go to any mechanic and that the New Car Franchise Dealers cannot hold you to one mechanic). If you are looking for a reliable log book service, then here are a few reasons why you can trust your local Repco Authorised Service mechanic;

  1. Auto-Tech Training

    Repco Authorised Service Centres operate a national service information system that includes the latest diagnostic techniques that are specifically designed for today's cars. Auto-Tech  provides continual training, so our service technicians can stay up to date with modern vehicle technology.

  2. Quality Parts and Quality Service

    Repco branded products are manufactured to stringent Repco quality standards, and are covered by the Repco Exclusive. All Repco Authorised Service Centres are carefully selected to ensure that only suitably qualified and equipped staff will work on your car.

  3. Warranty Support

    Repco Authorised Service is Australia's largest service network. Every service we perform is supported by our nationwide network of over 350 outlets you are covered wherever you may be.

  4. Honesty and Fair Prices

    At Repco Authorised Service Centres we explain all of our work in a straight forward manner, and we advise you in advance of any extra work that may be needed.

You Can Rely On Repco Authorised Service

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